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The best climate control solutions for your needs

Whatever your cimate control requirements, home, business or public sector, we have the most appropriate solutions for you. Choosing a system to suit your needs can be sometimes be daunting so please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Call us on 01342 836000 for advice or a no obligation quote.
Choosing a System - Residential

Air conditioning

We aim to provide you with a comfortable home environment whatever the weather, providing you with reliable heating and cooling solutions.

Many people think of air conditioning units as cooling only during the summer periods but aren’t aware that there are many different types of air conditioning units that provide both heating and cooling. There are a various ways to provide your home with a suitable temperature to keep everybody satisfied.

We provide portable or fixed air conditioning systems for the following areas of the home:
  • Conservatories
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Wine Cellars (see specialist applications)
  • Indoor Pools
  • Games Rooms
We have a large selection of different units for both heating and cooling your home.
Choosing a System - Business, Office and Retail

Heating and Plumbing

We offer heating and plumbing services along with a ‘Total Building Services Package’. From basement boilers to bathroom design and installation we are able to offer you a total heating and plumbing solution. We specialise in providing home heating systems using oil, gas or air-source heat pumps. We also provide ground source heat pumps combined with air conditioning to provide a total solution for your home. Airtech install and maintain heat recovery systems for basements and enclosed areas with non-opening windows.

Airtech will work closely with you to design and plan your requirements providing you with CAD drawings and full project management from concept to completion. Our heating and plumbing engineers are highly experienced and are ‘Gas Safe’ registered. We are certified to undertake pressure testing to ‘Gas Safe’ Regulations. We take health and safety very seriously risk and method assessments are a priority before any works are carried out.
Choosing a System - Public Sector

Air Purification

Many everyday activities in your home such as dusting, vacuuming, cooking, smoking, cleaning and burning an open fire or wood stove can increase concentrations of airborne particles and chemicals. Because many modern houses are now virtually draft free it means that there is very little circulation of air. The particles and vapours that build up can seriously affect your health particularly if you suffer from hay fever, asthma, rhinitis, eczema or multiple chemical sensitivity. The pollution levels found in many modern homes can be several times higher than the pollution level found on a busy road.

An air purifier can make a huge difference by improving the air quality in your home, reducing the pollution load on you and your family. We stock a variety of air purifiers for different home applications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your air purification requirements. We can advise you on the best system for your home and provide a no obligation quote.

Heat pumps

We install heat pumps which are very efficient because they use natural, residual energy from the air or ground at any time of year to provide heat for your home.

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, under floor heating systems, or warm air convectors and hot water in your home. A ground source heat pump circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of pipe buried in your garden. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the fluid and then passes through a heat exchanger to heat your home.

Wine cellar refrigeration

Airtech is one of the first companies in the UK to supply and install the Zanotti Wine Cellar Cooling System for home storage of fine wines. The built to order Zanotti can be either wall or ceiling mounted and we have adapted ceiling systems into a concealed ducted system.